Studying Tips

Getting back into the rhythm of school after summer has hit me with the impact of a crashing wave. I find myself feeling tired and not motivated to study. With that in mind, I’m going to share some tips for studying which will hopefully help you as well as motivate myself!

1) Location is key. If you cannot find a good place to study, it is unlikely that you will get anything done. I generally try to find a place where I won’t be disturbed, that has good lighting, and space for me to place my textbooks as well as write. If you cannot find such a place in your house, try the library. I usually go to the library on campus, because I prefer it to my community library but anything works!

I know some people who like to study outside, but that doesn’t personally work for me. I think I’d get distracted by all of nature’s beauty outside.

2) Find some good music. If you are really dragging your heels, sometimes quiet meditative music will help you get focused. Right now I’m listening to this:

It has commercials every fifteen minutes or so, but you can typically skip the ads. I found it to be very calming and soothing, and it helped me to get focused right away.

3) Have food! Why not enjoy a snack during your hard studying? Makes things go easier in my opinion. Also helps if you don’t have time to eat a full meal before you finish an assignment. Now don’t be that person in the library who is making a racket opening their plastic bag of chips while chomping away. Some good choices are dried fruit, trail mix, or even a nutritious smoothie! The key here is that you want something that will give you energy to study, not leave you with a sugar crash later.

4) Prioritize and break up your studying into chunks. What is most important or due first? How long can you go studying without beginning to drift off into la-la land? I think it’s important to know your limits and your productivity levels. Generally, I like to work for 45 min – 1 hour before I take a break. If you have a particularly large assignment, and have the time, you can switch subjects every hour so you don’t become too tired of one subject.

5) Do something fun after. Why are you studying? To pass the class, get good grades, proceed on to future classes and getting a degree eventually. But most of the time, thinking so far ahead doesn’t motivate us in the short term. Plan something fun to reward yourself after studying for a few hours. Keeping that reward in mind, whether it’s your favorite tv show or trip to the ice cream shoppe, will keep you motivated when you want to quit studying.

Well I’m feeling better about studying now! I hope you are too 🙂 Share your favorite studying tips below.

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