What is “Cool”?

I’ve never been a “cool” kid. I’ve often hailed from nerdier crowds. I think the concept of “cool” transforms and becomes less important as you get older, but it’s still present no matter how old you are.

How does this idea of “cool” change?

Let’s see…

In preschool, you were probably considered “cool” if you were the master of finger-painting.

In middle school, it was based on what you brought to lunch.

In high school, it was more based on your level of attractiveness and how much money your parents had.

In college, it has something to do with the amount of partying you do.

When you’re older and married, it’s about the car you drive and how many places you’ve seen. Maybe it’s even the amount of jewelry your husband buys you, or the different kinds of kinky things your wife does in bed. I really don’t know.

But all in all, I think college probably gives the most lee-way in what is considered “cool”. Even though many people are considered “cool” because they can hold their drink, done drugs before, had sex before… that isn’t all there is.

Luckily, college as compared to all of the previous school institutions, is pretty darn huge. (Of course, this may not be true if you are at a private university. Those tend to be on the smaller size).

But in a university so large, there’s all kinds of possibilities. There are all kinds of people, who have different interests and hobbies. When the university is admitting people, they are looking to DIVERSIFY. There’s no longer one “Prom King and Queen”. You can create your own brand of “cool” 🙂

It’s funny when you are younger, all you want to do is fit in.

There will eventually be a time when it won’t matter so much. Be yourself!

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5 Responses to What is “Cool”?

  1. braixetta says:

    Cool is nothing important. Remember this: “be in the world, not of the world.”
    “Cool” is worldly. We won’t lees it when we die. I really think it’s fun, but the thing is, you can’t be cool, by yourself. Other people choose if you are cool in their opinion. I once had a friend named Bella, she still is my friend, but I moved away. Well, she over reacted about me. She practically treated me like a queen. She was very patient with me, you know. So in her eyes, I was cool. Whereas in other’s eyes I was not. So I guess we will never know what cool is. Because we will know different people. And in the future “cool” will change. I guess that’s why everybody says to be yourself.

  2. regina5000 says:

    Great, I agree completely with your definition of “cool”. I´ve never been cool, but it´s not important for life.

  3. regina5000 says:

    Reblogged this on Diversión3000 and commented:
    Heeeeey lectors! This is a post I really like and hope you like it. See it, is sooooo cool.

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