Not living in a dorm definitely has its drawbacks, but there are positive things as well.

I have a car and can go anywhere I please. I get to volunteer at the hospital and my parish. I get to spend quality time with my family.

My family is relatively small and very loyal.

The other night my sister had to stay at school late. Me and my parents stayed up until she made it home safe. That might sound silly, unnecessary, or even overbearing, but that’s what we do for each other. We wait up for each other, and then stay up a little more just talking about our day’s experiences.

It’s a special feeling, knowing that you will do anything for someone, and that they will do the same for you.

Today I sang at mass and ran into my grandma. I used to tell my family every time I was singing at church, but since it’s become such second nature I haven’t bothered them lately. After mass, we stayed at the church with the Filipino community because there was a special procession and rosary for Mary. Then we ate out at a restaurant for dinner.

I really treasure nights like these.

My grandmother’s English is sometimes backwards, she said that she was excited to spend time “binding” with me. HAHA. She meant “bonding”.

But really, I would do anything for my grandma. Unfortunately, most of her children won’t really go to mass or church event with her. Those kinds of things are really important for her, and it makes me happy to go with her just to make her happy. Plus I always enjoy going to mass or these special events. Most of the time it’s just really beautiful, or they have great food. It’s not a chore to spend time with her.

Plus, it’s nice to hear her talk about my grandpa. Today I was asking her what she thought of him when they first met. She started telling me about how handsome and tall he was when he was younger, and even said “I don’t know why the Lord gave him to me.” How sweet.

I love my family.

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