Turn That Frown Upside Down

The worst thing you can do when you feel bad is to stay at home and feel sorry for yourself. So last night I went out swing dancing.

And I met a super gorgeous boy.

He’s way out of my league, but let’s forget that for right now.

So yeah, he’s really handsome. When I was dancing with him, I couldn’t really bear to look at him. I was afraid his smile would blind me.

Other than this super cute boy, I met a lot of nice people. We all went to hang out at one of the university hot spots and I got to know them a little bit. As I was leaving, super cute boy invited me to go social dancing with them. AWWWWWWWWWWW YEAH! *fist pump*

So I’m going to be hanging out with this group again outside of a school setting. I’m excited, but super nervous. They all know each other pretty well and I’m the new kid. I’m scared I’ll do something that will brand me as “completely uncool forever and evers”.

I mean, I know realistically speaking, I’d have to do something pretty extreme to weird them all out. I probably WOULDN’T do something that bad, but this is my irrational Anxious mind speaking.

On a positive note though, I’m glad that I started swing dancing. The other night was the first time I really hung out with a group of college kids. I didn’t know that many people last year, so it would always be one-on-one hangouts. I’m excited to be meeting so many new people, who are of similar age and interests. More exciting than that is the amount of guys I’m meeting. The chances of me having some kind of romantic connection with someone highly increases when you actually get to MEET and TALK with boys.

So yeah, this college commuter is finally getting a social life! WOO HOO

Readers, I hope next time you’re feeling down and out you decide to go OUT and have fun!

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