In Love With Lindy

I found a new love, and her name is Lindy Hop.

I went social dancing with some people from my university yesterday, and DID WE dance! I danced for almost 5 straight hours. My legs were hurting, but it was so much fun I wanted to keep on going. Sounds crazy right?

Guess that’s what love does to you, it drives you nuts.

It was really great going with people from my university, because I was primarily dancing with people my own age. When I’ve gone social dancing with my friend before, majority of the time we would be dancing with older or middle aged men. (Nothing against them, they were great partners!) But still, it is nice to dance with someone your own age.

It was also really cool because we hung out afterwards. After our dance-a-thon, we went to eat at a 24 hour restaurant. It was one of the first times that I’ve ever hung out with a group of people outside of school. They were all really nice and friendly, and of course loved to dance.

I’m glad that I joined swing dancing because I’ve finally found a circle of friends. Sure I’ve had friends and acquaintances in the past, but none of them were really close to me. Since entering college, my social life has been at somewhat of an disadvantage not living on campus. It seems like Lindy Hop was the answer I’ve been searching for!

I’m looking forward to getting to know them all better and continue getting better at swing dancing. We are all going dancing again this weekend, wish me luck!

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