There he was, finally alone. I wasted no time in walking over and asked him, “Do you wanna dance?”

At first, he hesitated. He was taking so long, I told him, “If you’re tired, it’s okay!”

To which he replied, “I’d hate…to not dance with you.”

Good Lord, let me melt now.

After the dance, I told him that I was going to be leaving. He asked me, “Are you sure? We’re going out to eat later, and you’ll be missed.” I said that I had stuff to do in the morning, and promised I’d go out with them next week. I gave him a quick hug goodbye and ducked out the door. Since I had managed to dance with him twice, and the second time was my very last dance, I was satisfied enough to go home.

I love dancing with him. I love being around him, period. He’s handsome and charming and altogether wonderful. I can’t wait to learn more about him.

We danced together a couple times during the lesson before social dance. At one point, we were so focused dancing we didn’t realize it was time to switch partners. I’m gonna take that as a good sign.

I’m still not sure if he’s interested, or just an overall friendly guy. But at this point, I’m feeling good 🙂 He seems to enjoy my company, and I feel like he’s a little bit of a flirt 😉 I hope that this becomes something more, but for now I’m feeling pretty content.

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8 Responses to Flirting

  1. Feminine and Feline says:

    Awe, sounds like a fun time. I hope he makes your dreams come true < 3

  2. regina5000 says:

    Cool post, by he way, I really like your new header and also, your background is like my header.

  3. braixetta says:

    Interesting…. That is cute. You are finally having some love in your life. 😉

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