Everything was going great. I was playing all of the chords, singing all of the right words, even slipping in some eye contact here and there… That is, until the very last chorus. I sang the first line, and then paused. My mind had completely forgotten the very last line of the song. The crowd noticed my pause and giggled a little, I let out a nervous chuckle and sang a couple “la dee da dee da’s” and finished a bit off key. I then excused myself off stage.

To my standards, I did horribly. I hold very high standards for myself and for others, and I’m incredibly mad that I messed up! Especially when things were going so well. Everyone told me though that I did great. They were all a very nice group of people. Complete strangers telling me that I did wonderful.

Not sure if I’d repeat the experience. Had some trouble getting there, finding parking, and then actually finding the venue. My friend who invited me there spent most of the night talking to people I didn’t know, so I had to skulk off into a corner by myself. Later near the end of the night he came over and talked to me for a bit.

In other news, I’m looking forward to seeing Mr. Swing tomorrow. Surprise, surprise! Not only does he dance, but he plays guitar as well. We are going to have a jam session. Hopefully I can knock his socks off and not have a repeat of tonight’s performance. Just can’t wait to see him in general 🙂

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