I’ve been feeling a little restless lately. I’m not sure if it has to do with my parents, it being midterm week, or uncertainty about Mr. Swing. Although I feel like he is interested in me, I also have doubts in the back of my head. As far as my parents go, they’ve just been really critical lately. All they want to talk to me about is grades or the different responsibilities I have. It makes me want to avoid talking to them.

Otherwise, midterm week has been going well so far. I’ve had two exams already, and feel like they went well. Have one more this Friday, and I am hoping it is as easy as the rest.

Tonight I’m seeing Mr. Swing, so maybe it will be able to give me more insight into things. A part of me is saying that I shouldn’t be thinking about him this much or worrying this much. It’s probably not that big of a deal. But thinking about him and seeing him makes me happy all the same.

Last night I was texting him a lot, and he was sharing with me different videos from his past. It was really nice to get to see different sides of him. I’m hoping that is a positive sign.

Just a short update on my life! Sorry if I haven’t been posting anything interesting lately, school has been taking over! Hopefully I will come up with some cool material soon.

Hope you all are doing well ❤

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