Good Morning

Got to school early this morning, and now just relaxing before class starts. It’s nice to start off your day thankful for the little things. Feeling good about how I look today, enjoying the nice weather, not having to rush at all…

How are you guys?

Been thinking a lot about Mr. Swing. But I’m sure that’s no surprise to you guys. Still unsure about where we exactly stand, but I know that we both seem to be interested in each other. Going to wait for him to make the next move, and hopefully get to know him more as a person.

It’s definitely a confidence boost to know that someone finds you attractive and likes talking to you, so that’s a good thing.

I also found some new music yesterday and excited about that. You know those certain bands that just make you feel like dancing and being happy all over the place? For me, one of those artists is Never Shout Never. He is so wonderful. If you like music that is folky-psychedelic-blues influenced, you should definitely check him out. I hadn’t listened to his music in a while, so it was great to listen to his latest albums and find that I really liked them. I saw him in concert a couple years back and didn’t really like his album at the time (Time Travel) but I was super excited about Sunflower and Indigo yesterday.

Going dancing a couple times this week, so I’m also happy about that.

So far, things are good. Hope you have a wonderful week ❤

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