Previously, Mr. Swing told me that he secretly has a massive ego, but he just hides it from everyone. At first, I didn’t believe him, but now I do!

Yesterday we were texting, and I’ll admit, I was flirting a little… maybe a lot. We were just messing around, and I thought Why not? He seems to be enjoying this.

He asked me if I was going out dancing that night, and was disappointed to find out that I wasn’t. Since he was disappointed, I thought I might as well continue on with it, and I told him that it had been a while since we had danced together and that I enjoyed dancing with him. He’s 5 ft 10 in, while I’m 5 ft 8 in, and he’s told me before that he wishes he were taller. So I let him know that I liked his height as he is, because we match up really well when we dance. He asked me if I was insulting him. To which I said “Of course not!” and complimented him more. Then he let me know that he was lying and he knew that I meant it as a compliment.

What a sly guy. Just trying to get me to say more nice stuff about him. In his own words, he “likes to fish” for compliments.

I’m not sure where this is going, but he seems to like the attention and I like flirting with him. Going to wait until he texts me again. My parents have been more strict about letting me go out, so I’ve been missing out a lot on the social events. I’m hoping that this makes him miss ME more. It might also nudge him into inviting me to lunch or dinner again since he doesn’t get to see me much during the week.

Otherwise, everything is the same old same old in my life. Nothing much new, except stuff with Mr. Swing. And I’m writing more since I’m feeling giddy about someone 🙂 So that’s nice, always good to have new music.

Hope you are all doing well ❤

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