Be Content

Be content with how things are. It’s good to always strive for better, to look towards tomorrow, but sometimes it’s good to just stay put. Live in the moment. Breathe in, breathe out. Don’t worry about all the things that might be, or might never be.

Words that I say, and dearly need to follow.

Been thinking about Mr. Swing. I’m so lost. Sometimes I feel so content, and happy with how things are. I’m happy with being happy, flirting, feeling like someone is interested in me. I’m happy with writing music. I’m happy to just feel good!

But at the same time, my old friend Doubt likes to creep in. And he never stops to remind me of my inadequacies. He never stops to remind me of all the ways that things can go wrong. He never stops to remind me that nothing is perfect, and nothing is ever stable.

But dear readers, we all need to kick Doubt out on his ass.

Nothing is perfect. Nothing is stable. All of these things are true.

But we can’t live in fear of the inevitable.

Stay strong readers, things will turn out okay.

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