Slow But Steady

Went swing dancing last night, and saw Mr. Swing as usual. I’ve felt that things have changed ever so slightly since we’ve communicated mutual interest in each other.

The other two times I saw him this week, he gave me really long hugs goodbye. He also complimented me on my outfit both times. Yesterday when I was dancing with him, he asked me how my day was. When I left early, he made me pinky promise that I would go out to eat with them sometime in the next two weeks.

He hasn’t really been texting me or trying to see me outside of dancing, but I’m just going to assume that this is his way of getting to know me. How can I judge if this is how he wants to do things? There’s also the possibility that he’s really busy right now. He said that he isn’t looking for  relationship right now, so I wouldn’t blame him for not inviting me to dinner or anything.

At the moment, I’m just happy that he seems happy to see me.

Sometimes I can feel frustrated or disappointed, wishing that things would move faster. Wishing that he’d be crazy about me, calling or texting me more often. Wishing that he’d ask me to hang out every weekend.

But honestly, is that what I’d really want?

I have so much more on my plate right now, applying to the nursing program, my regular classes, swing dancing, writing music… I broke up with my boyfriend six months ago. It’s been half a year, but I also dated him for two years.

Although it’d be nice to experience some whirlwind romance, I don’t think I should be rushing into a relationship any time soon.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Readers, how do you feel about being single or in between relationships?

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