Religion as a Personal Choice

From past experiences in school and my last relationship, I really learned that whether a person is religious or not is a personal choice.

Many people are raised with a specific religious tradition, and fall away from it in adulthood. They may choose a different religion, or choose to not convene to one religion at all.

Others are not raised with any specific religion, but have an experience that draws them to a certain faith.

Regardless, the important value is to respect this individual’s choice.

If we can respect the right for someone to have preferences for activities, friends, or even days of the week, why can’t we also extend this to religion?

To me, religion is no different from any of these things. Religion,  or lack thereof, may affect this person’s life more profoundly than their favorite color, however whatever this person chooses is what makes them most happy. Whatever their choice is, works for them.

We don’t bat an eyelash when someone says that they prefer a certain model of car over another. But if someone says that they are not religious, or a follower of a different religion, people tend to make instantaneous judgments.

Can you imagine if we chose to discriminate against others because they didn’t drive the same model car as us?

Let’s try and stay open-minded and treat others the way we want to be treated.

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