Oui Oui Monsieur!

Yesterday I ran into a familiar face at church. Ironically, I met him the same day as I met Mr. Swing. Let’s call this new guy Monsieur French.

This guy was SO considerate. After church, he walked with me all the way to my car, and even opened the car door for me. He asked me several questions about myself, and seems to be very interested. He even quoted me some lines from Pride and Prejudice, and some poetry. Wow.

I drove home and was kind of blown away!

I’m going to see him tonight at Swing Club, not sure how that will play out. I was wondering if Mr. Swing would notice at all or even care that another guy is showing interest in me.

I have a feeling that Monsieur French will try to walk me to my car again tonight. And that he might even ask me for my number or ask me out on a date. He’s cute, funny, and exceedingly charming. Going to stay open minded and say yes if he asks me out.

Still new to this dating game, and wondering how things will all play out. Still feeling amazed that even one guy may be interested in me. Much less two!

Will keep you all updated on how things play out.

Readers, what are some romantic gestures someone has done for you that completely blew you away?

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