Moving On

I was just entering the shopping center when I saw him. It was the first time I had laid eyes on my ex since our breakup.

I kind of freaked out. I almost let it ruin my evening. I was perpetually grateful that he didn’t see me.

But I just kept walking past, and despite my initial shock and first waves of paranoia, nothing happened. He didn’t see me, or if he did, he didn’t choose to approach me.

I sat down with my friends and proceeded to have a great time. A couple hours later, it struck me that I completely forgot that I had seen him earlier in the evening.

As I reflected more on the incident, I was actually really happy.

I saw him, but I didn’t have any kind of breakdown. I completely forgot that I had even seen him! I am so removed from him and the person that I used to be when I was with him.

First off, I have an actual social life! I met a lot of friends through swing dancing. I feel great and look great because I’m dancing. I’m actual getting some definition in my calves from all the exercise 🙂 I’m also interested in someone who is completely different from my ex! I’m interested in someone who doesn’t feel the need to control me or my thoughts. Someone who is interested in me, for being simply me.

Feeling good!

Readers, do you have any stories about the first time you saw your ex after your breakup?

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2 Responses to Moving On

  1. One time I saw an ex I hadn’t seen in many years. I dreamed about him last night. It was a bank holiday Monday and we were crossing a bridge over the dock going in opposite directions. I looked at him and he winked at me. After I couldn’t stop smiling. I’d I could have said once thing to him, and I like to think I did say it with my eyes, it’d be thank you.

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