Casual Dating

So it turns out that what Mr. Swing meant when he said that he wasn’t looking for a relationship was that he wanted to casually date.

I have no experience in this arena whatsoever.

To be honest, I even googled “how to casually date” to see if I could get any tips.

This was very confusing to me because I felt like he was really into me after our first date! And especially on our second date when he was trying to get close to me, blowing on my hair and even trying to cross his leg over mine.

I had to stop him when he was trying to cross legs, that was just too strange. Although we were getting pretty close and comfortable in each other’s space, I didn’t want anything physical to actually happen.

I had foolishly assumed that he had just wanted to get to know each other better before dating when he said he didn’t want a relationship. Well, that’s now cleared up!

So readers, how do you casually date someone? From what I’ve read, you should stick to activity geared dates and not expect any kind of commitment from the other person. How is this different from simply hanging out with someone? There definitely seems to be a difference. I mean, you will dress up and look forward to this date, and probably tease or flirt with each other on the date.

Where is crossing the line? Are some people just not made for casual dating?

I want to experience it, because it seems unrealistic for me to always find a prince charming that will want to date me for an extended period of time.

But I’m also worried that I may be too invested in this already. He already knows that I like him and find him attractive. I got jealous the other night when this girl was giving him too much attention.

I was thinking that I need to keep myself busy and also be meeting other guys. The more people that I meet, the less time I will have to focus on Mr. Swing right? But how do I initiate contact with these guys and make sure it stays casual?

If there are any readers out there who’d like to give me a crash course for Casual Dating 101, I’m all ears!

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