Lunch Date!

I’m tired of waiting around for Mr. Swing to notice me. I’m taking matters into my own hands! I don’t need to sit around and pine by the phone. I can go out and have fun too.

There’s another guy in Swing club that I think is pretty cute. He’s really nice and funny too. So I asked him out to lunch! And he said yes!

We are meeting up for lunch next week and I’m super excited. I even convinced him to give me a ride on his motorcycle 😉

Looking forward to it, since it seems like we will have a good time.

Whatever happens, happens.

If this guy is more interested in me and wants to see me a second time, AWESOME!

If he doesn’t, at least we had a good time hanging out and I got to know him a little better.

Will Mr. Swing notice or even care? I have no idea, and could care less. If he’s not going to care about me, I should at least be out and having fun.

Last night I saw him and barely talked to him. He really didn’t seem to care or notice if I was there or not. I’m done waiting for him to take interest.

I’m going out and chasing what I want.

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