Sometimes it can be too easy to get all caught up in someone or something. To become focused on all the things that we didn’t get, or how things didn’t go the way we planned. When we do this, we make ourselves really unhappy. And it doesn’t change a thing!

So for right now Readers, let’s focus on the things that DO go right!

Today I turned in my application for the Nursing program. I don’t know if I’ll be accepted or not, but I feel accomplished in that I turned it in! I’ve been taking all of the prerequisites, and working hard towards my goal. There’s nothing to do but wait now, but I can at least be happy that I’ve made it this far.

Things haven’t been working out with Mr. Swing, but I’m happy that I’ve at least been on some dates with someone. And it feels good to be excited about someone, even if they don’t reciprocate or have other stuff on their plate. Plus, I’ve been writing fantastic songs about him. In the end, even if it never works out with me and him, I have great songs.

It’s been seven months since I broke up with my ex. I’ve been focusing more on myself, feeling less stressed, and overall more happy! I’ve explored new avenues, such as writing on this blog and swing dancing. I’ve made a lot of new friends at my university and feel more confident in general.

I’m still single, but I’ve been able to make moves on different guys. It’s an extremely gratifying moment when you ask a guy out and he says yes 🙂 Or you completely floor a guy when you give him your number. Girls, you CAN make the first move!

Overall, life is good. You just have to have the right perspective.

If you take a second to re-evaluate your life, what kind of positive things would you say? 🙂

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