Delayed Gratification

Finals are the week after next. And that is why I’ve minimized my dancing nights. I haven’t been dancing at all actually in the past week. I’m planning to go one night next week, just to give myself a little break.

I’ve been studying a lot. And although that sounds like a drag, I’ve actually been enjoying it. It’s nice to read over my notes and understand why things occur. The light bulb has been going off in my head folks, and it’s a nice feeling.

I’m secretly quite a little nerd at heart.

That feeling of “Yes, I get it!” has been keeping me going when I want to stop. I’ve wanted to slack off on studying recently, but the thought that stops me is this:

If you put the work in now, you’ll be able to relax and have fun over winter break.

I’d rather work now and feel proud of my grades than regret them later. I don’t want to be feeling later like I could have put in more effort or got a better grade.

I’ve been going to office hours this week, and found them immensely helpful. The next quarter I’m going to utilize them earlier in the quarter.

For now, I’m just working my butt off and giving it my best shot.

Hope you are all doing well ❤

Readers, any pre-finals stories?

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