Nights Like Tonight

Let’s face it, working in the hospital is not the most glamorous job. From dealing with the ever present smell of feces and body odor, long hours, and demanding patients, one can understand why hospital workers can get tired of their job…

But every so often, a night like tonight happens. And nights like tonight make me love volunteering at the hospital 🙂

When I first started volunteering at the hospital, I worked in the mornings. I was always busy and never had any spare time. I then transitioned to the afternoons, and felt like I wasn’t doing very much. I’m now working in the evenings and love it!

I’ve become friends with some members of the staff, and they are showing me the ropes. It’s really nice that some of the workers will take time out of their busy schedule to teach me things. One of the aides also brought me downstairs to a holiday party where they had yummy food 🙂 Score!

I learned a lot today. I helped an aide locate an SCD machine and place the wraps on the patient. I learned how to set up a room to prepare for an incoming patient. I found out that a “code EST” means that the Emergency Room is saturated, so we discharge all stable patients to clear up space for incoming patients from the ER. As per usual, I discharged several patients, refilled water pitchers, and brought supplies to different patient rooms.

I love being busy and feeling useful! I love being able to help people with the little things, even if it’s just a pitcher of water or making their tv work. I love being able to greet patients with a smile and have them smile back. I love hearing all of their life stories. I love feeling like I am making a difference.

Readers, what are you passionate about? How do you feel like you make a mark on the world? Share your stories below!

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2 Responses to Nights Like Tonight

  1. charlypriest says:

    Not glamorous but you better stay there since sooner or later, probably sooner I´ll be passing by there. Although I do have to say I´m a pain in the ass of a patient, always kidding around and poking at the nurses, or flirting with them if they are good looking, but it´s your job to put up with me! 😉

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