Finals Week

The rumors you’ve heard are true…. the dreaded finals week is upon us!

Two tests done, one more to go. Also have to finish writing a paper due tonight, so I’m going to make this quick.

These are some funny observations I’ve made about finals week:

It’s the only time it’s difficult to find a place to study in the library. Every other week of the school year there’s plenty of space.

Having food makes the studying go so much easier.

I might have been sitting all day, but studying for several hours feels physically exhausting.

This week makes you regret your bad study habits, and you promise yourself that you’re going to do better next term. (Let’s try and follow these resolutions this time folks!)

Studying with friends for an exam makes you just that much closer ❤

I can’t wait until this week is over, and I can go dancing! Let’s just hope I have enough energy to stand ><

Hope you are all doing well ❤ How’s your week going? Any tips for surviving finals?

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2 Responses to Finals Week

  1. taffny says:

    I confess, one time I was part of a large group that was giggling and I could practically feeling the cutting glances of other people sitting next to us. We don’t usually do that. But we did that day, and I felt horrible.

    • Oh no! It’s definitely true though, the pressure of doing well on exams usually makes people less forgiving than usual. But you can also take comfort that you haven’t been the only person to laugh in the library 🙂

      Thank you for reading and commenting! I enjoy hearing your thoughts.

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