Study Space

I’m sure every college student knows this feeling… the complete bliss that sweeps over you when you find your very own study space.

Now I’m not talking about just any old study space.

This study space is your OWN. For whatever reason, this place is perfect for you. Whether it’s that comfy armchair that fits just right, or a coffee shop that plays all your favorite songs, or a place filled solely with delicious silence, this study space is your home. When you get there and get all your stuff situated, you know that you are going to be productive.

Since studying is a large part of college life, it feels really good when you find a place that jives just right.

I recently found a place where I really enjoy studying. Near one of the parking structures on campus they have a building filled with practice rooms. Most of these rooms are filled with pianos, but there a couple with just desks and chairs. Not many people come here, so I usually have the pick of any room I please. I close the door, lay out all of my things, and get to work. Another plus is that I have room to dance. After I work for one or two hours, I take 20 minutes to just freestyle dance. I blast some good tunes from my laptop, close my eyes and just let my body move with the music. It’s a really good study break, because it makes me feel happy and gets me out of my seat.

Readers, do you have any favorite study spaces? How do you enjoy your study breaks?

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