It seems like all of swing club has a crush on you-know-who. Mr. Swing literally has all the girls eating out of the palm of his hand. Yesterday night, one of my girlfriends confessed that she liked him and kissed him.

As a friend, I’m happy for her. She’s so giddy and happy over the fact that they made out and he told her she was a good kisser.

As a girl, I’m pissed because obviously I’d rather I have him all to myself.

As a person, I’m happy that I set boundaries with him. I told him from the beginning that nothing physical would happen unless he was committed to me. In my friend’s case, she’s the one who initiated the physical contact. She knows that he does not want a committed relationship. But she still feels special and hopeful that they might start dating.

I can’t see it ending well for her.

If he’s serious about her, and likes her better than he likes me, then a relationship will blossom and she will be happy. I won’t be such a happy camper, but I’ll be happy that I at least never kissed him.

I’m worried about her because I finally understand how he works. Technically, he can’t be blamed that all of these women like him and flirt with him. He can’t be blamed that women will come on to him and make the first move. He can’t be blamed for being honest and then choosing to do what he pleases with who he pleases.

Right now, he’s a free agent and he’s getting a finger in everyone’s pie.

Thank God I’m not one of those pieces.

I decided early on that I didn’t want anything physical to happen because I knew that I would be crushed if I kissed him and he kissed someone else.

Also, I simply deserve better. I don’t want to be somebody’s “side dish”. I am the whole package, the whole enchilada. I should be the whole freaking main course plus dessert! I deserve every bit of attention that my future significant other can give me. I shouldn’t have to wait on the sidelines for someone to grace me with their presence.

There’s a lot of mixed feelings about this issue, but ultimately I’m happy that I respect myself and that I won’t be stuck in the same situation as my friend.

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