Meet Ms. Fox

I made a new friend! Let’s call her Ms. Fox.

She’s a girl I met while swing dancing. Which is really cool because our friendship started from us just sitting near each other and saying, “Hi, my name is —–, what’s yours?”. It’s not very often that you make a friend from just talking to a stranger. It seems like those kind of conversations end up withering and dying like an old weed and then you never see the person again.

Lucky for me, that wasn’t true in this case!

We hung out today for the first time outside of swing dancing, and it was so much fun!

First we got boba and were just sitting and talking for a while. Then we walked around the shopping center and talked some more, and then she came over to my house and I shared all of my original music with her. It was really cool to share my music with someone who really wanted to listen and appreciated it. On top of being able to share my songs with someone, which is rad as it is, I was able to explain the inspiration or thought process behind each song.

It was really nice because we got to know each other really well. We found out that we had a lot in common and similar past experiences in relationships. We talked about our insecurities and fears and problems with ex-boyfriends. We really bared our souls!

It really was just a nice experience to share your thoughts with someone else and feel like they really understand 🙂

I get the feeling that we will be friends for a long time.

Readers, how did you and your close friends become buddies?

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3 Responses to Meet Ms. Fox

  1. regina5000 says:

    Playing chess, basically, hahaha… Cool post 🙂 😀

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