Crashing Down

I used to think that you were SO attractive, but not anymore.

Nothing about your physical appearance changed.

Rather, it’s your actions that have turned me off.

This evening, I noticed for the first time Mr. Swing’s overly flirtatious manner. It’s not that he hasn’t been this way before, I just never really took the time to acknowledge it.

Every single woman he danced with, he touched more than he needed to. All of his hugs were intimate. It’s like he was doing anything and everything he could to be as close to as many female bodies as possible. He even tried doing inappropriate dance moves with all of his female friends.

What a sleeze ball.

All of my prior expectations and thoughts of him have now flown out the window. My respect for him has plummeted. I know that he is still a good guy deep down and that he is capable of being caring, but right now he just wants to have a good time.

Lucky for me, I’m not willing to be a part of it.

I am a beautiful woman that deserves so much more. I deserve love and care from a man, who will share these resources with only me. I deserve someone who wants to spend time with me. I deserve someone who doesn’t see me as a backup plan or last resort. I’m not a girl you just pull out of your pocket for emergency occasions.

Hoping and praying that a man like this will be in my future. Otherwise, goodbye to asshole for now.

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