You Are An Island

“You’re really taking control of your energy right now”.

“So what’s my energy like?”

“You’re an island.”

This snippet of conversation happened last night when I was swing dancing with one of my friends. He’s eccentric to say the least, and I always have interesting conversations with him about chi, alternative interpretations of the Bible, or even different galaxies.

He continued to elaborate on his metaphor by saying my ability to improvise while dancing was like the fluidity of water. He also said that I could stand on my own, and my core personality was strong like an island. He tested this by penning me in a space with his arm, which I simply ducked under.

“You see? I could give you something impossible, like a hurricane and you’ll say ‘Screw this, I’m an island!”

The overall metaphor was quite lovely, and possibly the best compliment I’ve ever received.

Every time I see him at a swing dancing venue I get excited, because I know I will have a great time if he is there. When we dance together, it’s very fun and free-form. We break all the rules, and create our own.

It’s also good to hear other people’s opinions of you. It seems to me that we are often too critical of ourselves, and other people’s good words often lift us up. It makes me feel strong and empowered to know that someone else views me in this way.

Hope you are all having a lovely day. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? Please share your stories below ❤

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