Sick Day At Home

Remember when you were a kid and you jumped at any opportunity to stay home sick from school?

It seems like when you pass the threshold into adulthood, that same joy no longer exists.

I’ve spent the entire day sick at home bored out of my mind. On a positive note, I’ve been catching up on Grey’s Anatomy! I laughed, I cried, I learned about all kinds of impossible medical conditions… If you find me yelling “code blue” in the next couple hours, you’ll know I’ve watched just a little too much.

I’ve been balancing it out by reading my textbooks in between episodes. I also planned some fun with one of my girlfriends for tomorrow. For now though, I’ve just been sitting around on the couch sipping tea. And it got me wondering, what else can I do with my spare time?

Unfortunately, something like a cough doesn’t go away in 24 hours. Even though I feel like I’ve been resting a lot, it’s not that easy to get over!

So for now, I’ve decided to take on as many “sick” remedies as I can, and avoid using my voice.

Sometimes there’s not anything else you can do but wait out the storm.

If anyone knows a quick way to get over being sick, feel free to share the knowledge! Readers, how do you spend your time sick at home?

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2 Responses to Sick Day At Home

  1. Nothing beats sleep…IF I can sleep for 12 hours straight, I feel muchos better.
    As for sick time, I like to indulge in TV as well. Gilmore Girl reruns for me!

    • Hahaha sounds like a plan. I was actually debating about going dancing tonight, but I think I’m just going to turn in (so much more boring, but oh well.)

      I haven’t watched too much of Gilmore Girls, but what I did see was cute and funny 🙂 maybe I should get more into it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, hope you’re having a wonderful day!

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