Perpetuating Racism

“Jack, meet Jane. She’s half Filipino, half White. That’s why she’s so pretty!”

I’ve encountered a lot of conversations like this in my lifetime.

As much as I understand it’s a compliment, I also take it as an insult.

First of all, I don’t like how it insinuates that others who are 100% Filipino or 100% Caucasian aren’t attractive.

Secondly, I want be to known as beautiful for my smile, kindness, and intelligence. Not just based purely off of my physical looks.

A lot of Filipinos say comments like these without meaning to be racist. But the truth is, they are being racist against their own people. Are you saying that I am more beautiful than your son or daughter, simply because I had a White father? What a stupid idea.

I’m not really educated on the whole matter, but with my limited knowledge on the subject, I’ve heard that traditionally Caucasian characteristics are valued in societies like the Philippines because of the tradition of colonization. And that makes sense. But why do we keep these traditions occurring LONG AFTER colonization has ended? Why do certain people continue to admire these traits and shame others?

There is nothing more “inherently beautiful” about being light skinned versus being dark skinned.

People shouldn’t be ashamed about being petite or tall, dark or light, straight or curly haired… You are who you are, and you should own that! Other people can (and will) say what they want, but if you have confidence in yourself, they have nothing.

It makes no sense to me why certain populations continue this trend of racism within their own communities. I almost believe there is more “racial hate” within the community than outsiders discriminating against those insiders.

For example, one of my Filipino friends has lived in the United States for several years now. When she visited home a couple years ago, people actually asked her why she wasn’t lighter. She was made to feel ashamed for naturally having tan skin. Where’s the logic in that?

Bottom line, people should be happy with how they look. There’s no changing it, unless you have the money for plastic surgery. Others can only make you feel unattractive or inferior if you let them. So don’t do it to yourself!

This is a pretty complex matter though. Readers, please share your thoughts and experiences with me!

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2 Responses to Perpetuating Racism

  1. Anna Lou says:

    None of it makes any sense, in Asia I was told to cover my skin so it wouldn’t darken (and become less attractive), but at home I’m encouraged to go tanning … ? I’m just sad that so many people buy into it and spend so much time/money changing their appearance because they want to be accepted.

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