Meet Mr. Poet

“I had fun talking as well. It’s good to have someone who shatters my life perspective.”

“You make me sound so destructive!”

“Well destruction brings about change, right?”

Recently I’ve been spending time with a friend from one of my previous classes. Let’s call him Mr. Poet. He’s an English major and a very thoughtful guy! And as you can guess by his nickname, HE WRITES POETRY *emits fangirl scream*

I’ve been meeting him weekly, and we just hang out and talk for a couple hours. It’s really nice. I happen to run into him a lot on campus too, so whenever I see him and time allows I usually stop by and chat for a little bit.

This week I shared with him some of my songs, and he also shared with me some of his poems. He even wrote a poem for me! Which was quite impressive and flattering to say the least.

It’s nice to talk about interesting things with new people and to just have something to look forward to. It’s really cool knowing that we hang out regularly and that I always have a good time talking to him.

Will something more happen? I don’t know. It’d be nice! But for now, I’m happy with being friends. I don’t want to get into anything before really getting to know him.

And Mr. Swing? Can’t say I’m totally over him yet. He still manages to make my heart skip a beat. We danced together the other day and it was marvelous. It’s crazy how you don’t even say a word, yet you feel such a strong connection with this person. I feel like we seriously had an intimate conversation on the dance floor.

Ahhhh boys making my head spin… ’tis life. Otherwise, just chugging my way through my classes, sipping tea, and trying not to cough on everyone I meet. Readers, I hope your week is going well ❤

How are your love lives faring?

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