Just A Cold

Had my doctor’s appointment today. Spent $20 to stay in there for less than 10 minutes to find out that he couldn’t do anything for me.

“It’s just a cold. We can’t do anything for a viral infection, just have to wait it out. Fluids and rest.”

I’m glad that it’s nothing serious, but part of me was hoping that it’d be something more than a cold so I could justify how lousy I’ve been feeling lately. I’m sick, but not horribly sick, but just enough sick to make day to day life a pain. It affects my dancing, and makes me want to sleep all day and get nothing done.


But what can you do? Just gonna keep popping those cough drops, drinking water, and sleeping a lot.

Hope the season hasn’t gotten the best of you.

How have you guys been feeling lately?

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3 Responses to Just A Cold

  1. charlypriest says:

    And we keep on fighting and also with a smile on our faces.

    By the way did you realise that wordpress just left me without a face? Tried to edit my old face and then the widgets and gadgets and the screwed up notifications page and the rest, but I stopped after the simple thing of changing the face went heywire. And they ask me to update, update my a..s, I´m not touching anything more.

    Stay Frosty gentess

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