Go Ahead, Flatter Yourself

Gotta say this is an all new low.

Recently got promoted to a leadership position in one of the clubs at my school, which means that I see Mr. Swing more often.

The last time we hung out was pretty casual, but still made me feel more confident that he liked me. Since then, he hasn’t asked me out or paid me any special attention.

I have to meet him this weekend to prepare for the next club meeting, and while texting him about what time to meet up, he assumed that I was asking him out on a date.

I am just so completely floored by his ego right now.

Go ahead, flatter yourself. But you’re just dreaming.

After finding out that you basically want the liberty of being single, flirting and sleeping around, why would I ask you out on a date?

If you want to see me, you have to ask me out on a date mister.

And if you don’t, it obviously means that I’m not that important to you, and you’re just a waste of my time.

Why bother chasing after someone who doesn’t care about you in the same way?

So unbelievably pissed right now.

At least I can have the satisfaction of knowing that I broke down his ego a little bit when I reminded him I was seeing him because of club duties.

Certain people you can’t do anything about.

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