Bean Bag Gossip

“So, do you still like him?”

My eyes widened. How did she know?

Apparently, they’re close friends and he tells her everything. Of course, as I explained all of the things that happened, she found out that he was keeping some stuff from her. Like the fact that after he told me he didn’t want a relationship, he tried initiating some physical intimacy with me. That he continued to flirt with me after he knew about my feelings. That he told me that he found me attractive and interesting, and that he would like to see me again.

It’s pretty funny because he’s a great friend but a complete jerk when it comes to being dating material.

And as we were talking about all of this, we were sitting in his living room, with him sleeping just down the hall.

At first, it made me really sad to tell someone my story and about how much I genuinely liked this guy. But overall, it has made me stronger. My friend listened and gave me support, and said that she was going to have a talk with Mr. Swing regarding his behavior towards the girls in the club. She also gave me all of these different affirmations, and told me that if a boy made me feel anything but amazing, he isn’t worth my time or energy. Which is so true.

So I guess, in a way, it’s a relief having someone who understands where I’m coming from.

Readers, have you ever been surprised at the amount of information someone else has about you?

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