From Both Sides

Since I was talking to my friend the other day, I’ve had some realizations.

It really helped to talk to someone who was close to Mr. Swing and could give me some insight.

Previously, I wanted to look at him as either perfect dating material or a dastardly demon. But the thing is, he’s just human. No one is just one thing, people are always both depending on the situation and circumstance.

In a way, I almost feel bad for him. He has so many girls that like him and have confessed their feelings. It would probably get confusing or even tiring hearing all of these things all of the time. And you have to wonder, how many of these people actually like him for who he is, or actually know him at that deeper level?

He seems to be almost unreachable.

I want to be his friend. I miss the conversations that we used to have. I know that nothing will happen between us, since I don’t want to hook up and he doesn’t want a relationship. But for the first time, I’m okay with that.

If I could just get to know him more as a friend, I’d be happy.

I’ve also been talking to Mr. Poet more recently. It’s nice to just be able to talk to someone and enjoy their company. I’m also enjoying someone just being nice to me. It hasn’t happened in a while.

Not that guys are normally mean to me, but experiencing someone who genuinely cares and worries about you is nice!

Otherwise, just studying for midterms and have swing dancing on my brain per usual. Hope you are all having a lovely week ❤

Readers, what are some experiences in which you learned to look at the subject from both sides?

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