Study Buddies

Me and my friend are very close. I can invite him over to my house without cleaning beforehand. I throw on my pajamas and we can study in almost complete silence. We don’t have to do anything special when we hang out to have a good time.

I’m very lucky to have him as a friend.

Now, he has a girlfriend.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We still hang out and have a good time. I don’t have a crush on him, or think about kissing him.

But I do enjoy spending time with him.

I can’t help but think that someday when I have a relationship again, I want something like this.

I want someone I can spend time with doing nothing and be happy all the same. I want to be able to hang out at home and make him tea when he’s sick. I want to talk about music and movies and everything in between. I want this person to know everything about me.

I do enjoy being single because I get to meet all kinds of people, go on dates, flirt… but there’s something about having one special someone that’s nice too.

Readers, what’s your ideal relationship like?

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