Internal Peace

My professor had some last words of wisdom for us today. Essentially what she said was this:

“Before you can solve the world’s problems, you must find inner peace within yourself.”

Her words just hit me like a crashing wave.

People always want complicated questions and answers, but sometimes simplicity is all we need.

For me right now, I’m trying to figure out how to be single. How do you date? How do you express your feelings? How do you communicate to someone when the feelings aren’t mutual?

And it’s been hard and frustrating.

But ultimately, the answer is simple.

Be honest and prioritize yourself. You can’t lead someone on if you reveal your intentions straight off the bat. If you choose to take care of yourself before you take care of someone else, you won’t find yourself in an unbalanced relationship.

Just gotta keep chugging, and find that internal peace.

Readers, any tips on dating?

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