What is it?

It seems to be widely misunderstood.

A person may overact in a couple different ways: they either interpret a romantic interest where there was none, or perceive that they are being harassed when the other person had no such intention.

With all of this risk for misinterpretation, why do people still flirt?

Easy. Because it’s fun.

But is there a right and wrong way to flirt?

I’d like to think so, but I’m no expert.

A certain acquaintance of mine tends to flirt a lot. Now, I understand that a lot of males and females do this. The difference with this individual is that he continues to spend time with these women and knows that they have feelings for him.

Is that wrong? Is it worse than the guy/gal who flirts with strangers as they come and go?

Readers, what are your opinions on flirting?

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