Flash From the Past

The other day I was walking along the street when I heard my ex’s voice in my ear… through my headphones that is.

Almost a year later, I still have his music on my iPod.

I don’t feel like deleting it, for the most part it just sits there. Usually I hear the first couple bars and switch to a song by a different artist.

But that day was different.

It wasn’t one of his recorded songs, it was actually the audio ripped off of a cover video that he did. So the first couple minutes of the recording was just him being a dork and having a superfluous video introduction. (When we were dating, I always told him that his intros were too long). I skipped the intro for the most part, but it made me laugh to think about that.

I then listened to the song in its entirety and just admired his musicianship. He really is a talented guy.

Apart from being in love with him as a person, I was in love with his music as well. I used to be his biggest fan and supporter. Even now, when we are not together, I appreciate his music and wish him all kinds of success.

I was actually curious about whether he had done anything with his music, so I did something I hadn’t done before.

I googled him.

I feel quite proud of myself that I had held out for so long on doing this (considering how internet-centric our generation is). I was also happy that I was doing this based on his musical exploits rather than trying to find out details from his personal life.

So what’s new with his musical career? Not much as far as I could tell (which is a shame). But it seems like he has been making a name for himself in other areas such as videography and musical parodies.

It’s crazy to think of how much can happen in someone’s life when you haven’t been a part of it for a year.

Either way, I’m happy to think that he’s out there somewhere doing well.

Readers, have you ever googled your exes? What did you find?

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