What I Want

I’m finally starting to figure out what I want, in terms of a prospective romantic partner.

I’m learning through the process of trial and error. It’s slow and arduous at times, but much needed.

So what do I not want?

Well in a nutshell: I don’t want a flirtatious man-whore. I don’t desire someone with little self-confidence. I’m not searching for someone with the maturity of a ten year old. And I don’t want someone hell-bent on pleasing me.

What do I want?

Someone who feels confident in himself, has his own goals and ambitions, and wants to connect on a deeper spiritual level.

Do I sound demanding? Maybe.

I’m not saying that I am the essence of perfection, or that I don’t struggle with my own insecurities and faults. Because I do.

But I think it is a mark of maturity and strength to be able to define what one wants and what one wants to avoid. I don’t want to repeat past mistakes. I want to continue to learn and grow with someone, who will help me expand my horizons and see the world in a different light. I want someone who challenges me, nurtures me, and inspires me.

All of the people I have met recently are great guys. Truly nice people. But they just wouldn’t be great for me. I know that they will eventually meet someone who will help them grow and learn on their own path of self-discovery. It’s just not meant to be me!

I’m finally putting myself first and making decisions based on what I want. And it feels good.

Readers, how did you discover what you want in a prospective romantic partner?

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2 Responses to What I Want

  1. BecHanson says:

    I havent yet, but I’ll let you know if I do!

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