“Feeling so lonely I could die…”

If you all could hear me right now, I’d be doing my best Elvis impression.

Lately I’ve been feeling lonely.

I’m a person who hates being weak, so I hate admitting that.

I’d much rather be proclaiming the wonders of singledom, and singing the praises of young independent women who “don’t need no man”.

But, I’m only human. And as humans go, I’m a person that craves the attention and company of others quite profusely.

Recently, I went out on a dinner date with a group of friends. I pulled out all the stops: shaved my legs, lathered on the lotion, spritzed the perfume, applied some lipstick, got out the heels and dress… I felt and looked amazing. But when I got home, I didn’t feel so amazing.

I started thinking about how long it had been since I held a guy’s hand. How long it’s been since I’ve been kissed.

I knew that I smelled really good (with all the perfume and whatnot) and I just kept wishing some guy would come over and nuzzle my neck.

I enjoy being single because I like having the opportunity to meet different guys, but I miss having that physical connection with someone.

I don’t want to  hook up, and I don’t want to jump into a romantic relationship too soon, so it looks like my days of cuddling up to a movie are still a ways off.

Readers, how do you normally deal with feelings of loneliness? Please let me know I’m not the only one feeling this way. Let’s be lonely together and sing kumba-yah and stuff.

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3 Responses to Loneliness

  1. kminlim says:

    I make sure to avoid being alone as much as possible by hanging out with friends till I’m too tired to stay up. That helps. Video games also help keep me distracted from feeling lonely. Distraction is also an awesome tool.

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