I want to live on my own.

I haven’t had the experience yet, since I have been living at home and commuting to college.

I want to experience buying my own groceries, cooking my own food, and decorating my own space. I want to keep track of my money and where it’s going. I want to decide how everything is arranged. Simply put, I want to be in charge!

I’m not sure when this dream will become a reality, since I still have quite a bit of schooling to go. And even if I did get a job the pay most likely wouldn’t be able to cover rent.

I feel quite content when I come home and have the house alone to myself. I didn’t used to feel that way. I used to feel very anxious and lonely. These feelings still pop up on occasion, but overall I’m starting to like being alone. It feels good to be able to decide what I want to do, with whom I want to do it with, and where this thing shall be done.

I came home from dancing tonight, decided I was hungry and made myself an omelet.

It felt good to be able to make something for myself and experiment with stuff in the fridge. Of course, it’s also frustrating when you don’t have control over what gets put in the fridge.

When I live on my own, I look forward to knowing the contents of that fridge by the back of my hand.

Readers, how did you transition from living at home to living on your own?

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2 Responses to Independence

  1. lossstpusssy says:

    Omg YES believe me when I say I know exactly what you mean.

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