In The Dark

People are always more honest when you can’t see their face.

The internet is a prime example of this. Reader, there is a very small chance that you know my “real life” identity. On this anonymous blog I share my opinions and thoughts in a raw and honest way, that wouldn’t happen as often in real life.

But it’s not always the internet that hides your face, sometimes it can be as simple as turning off a light switch.

The other night, I was volunteering in the hospital when I was called into a patient room. The patient was having muscle pain, and wanted a hot pack to alleviate her soreness. After making a hot pack and carrying it back to the room, we spent some time talking in the dark waiting for the pack to cool down before we placed it on her skin.

Even though we had conversed earlier in my shift, there was a more intimate atmosphere in that room at that moment. The lights were off since she was trying to sleep, and she was vulnerable and in pain. Even though it was a hospital room, this was “her space” at the moment, and I was graciously allowed in it. We could barely see the outlines of the other person, and we talked in such an open honest way. She shared details of her life with me, and I also sympathized and shared some of my own experiences. It was truly touching to have one-on-one interaction with a patient like that.

A career like nursing is different from other careers in that you are taking care of this person’s health and literally see them at their worst. You create these kind of connections with people on a daily basis. And after a week or a month or however long, you discharge them and likely never see them again. It’s very fulfilling and a little sad at the same time.

But it makes me happy to think that even with a hot pack and a little conversation, I can make someone’s night.

Readers, what are some experiences where you had honest open communication with a stranger?

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