Open Doors

A classmate recently messaged me on Facebook and suggested that I perform at a talent show. Auditions for the talent show already passed, but they needed more performers so she got me in. What a huge compliment! Someone basically said to me, “You are talented. I want to hear you play music in front of a large crowd of people.”

Wow. Still kind of reeling from it.

I’m really excited for this new opportunity. I’m going to play an original song in front of a large amount of people who have never heard my music before. It feels good to know that there are people out there who appreciate me and want to hear more from me!

I can’t wait!!

It’s weird to think that I can do it. After doubting my musical talent for so long, here I am performing in front of people. It’s pretty amazing.

This is something that I’ve dreamed about doing, and all of a sudden here it is. Everything is falling in place. And I almost feel like it’s effortless. All I have to do is go up there and do my thing. And people like me for who I am and what I do.

I hope everyone is blessed enough to feel that kind of acceptance at least once in their lifetime.

Readers, what are some experiences that you’ve had where your dreams were finally realized?

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