Cheap Date

I truly believe the best dates are ones where you spend little to no money at all.

Why? It means that you’re spending time with someone and enjoyed it simply because you enjoy their company.

Yesterday I had the best “cheap date” and it wasn’t even romantic.

My friend came to my school, bought sandwiches, and played swing music on a speaker as we ate lunch on a park bench. After we had consumed the sandwiches, we moved to an open space where we continued to play music and danced in public. It was amazing.

1) I always love dancing with him. He’s a great dancer, and can dance to any kind of music. We danced to songs on my iPod I didn’t even know were dance-able.

2) We created our own bubble in a public space. We were having fun and didn’t care about the people around us. It was really great.

Guys, next time you want to impress a girl, take some tips from my friend. Do something that takes time instead of money. This afternoon will always be one of my favorite memories, and it wasn’t anything expensive or mind-blowing. But it was very special.

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