Time and Place

Sometimes it’s all about the timing.

I’ve met a lot of great guys who are “possible” relationship or dating material.

But it seems like there’s always a problem: insecurity issues, or too tied up with work and school, or still hung up on someone else. Whatever it is, they don’t seem to have the time to spend with me.

It can get pretty frustrating sometimes.

And let’s be honest, it gets pretty darn lonely sometimes. Especially when you spend time giving attention to a certain individual only to find it’s going nowhere.

But the MOST IMPORTANT thing that I’ve learned is this:

You can’t let this person’s busy-ness or insecurities make you feel inferior or unloved.

Just because this person is emotionally unavailable does not mean that you are unworthy of love. There is no “measurement” that you are not fulfilling. There is no way that you should improve yourself. You are not broken, damaged, or undeserving.

You will stumble across your love when you need it most, and when you are ready for it.

Until then, keep trudging on Readers.

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