I recently found out that someone in my graduating high school class died this weekend in a car accident.

It’s pretty alarming.

I wasn’t very close to him, but I knew him. We had classes together. And as vain as it may be, it makes me think twice about driving late at night. A faint whisper in the back of my head says, “That could have been you”. I spend a lot of nights driving home around 2 or 4 in the morning.

Of course, whenever I’m out driving that late, I’m the only person on the road and I’ve never encountered anything that would make me feel unsafe, but it’s still scary to think that accidents like that happen.

Keeping him and his family in my prayers. I can’t imagine how terrified he must have been in those last moments. From the news report, it said that his car burst into flames upon impact.

Definitely makes your day feel a bit more somber.

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