The child was screaming bloody murder. The little tyke was only larger than my forearm by a hair, but by the noise it made you would think he was ten feet tall.

He was having his first diaper change, and he was not liking it.

It’s funny really. The little thing would rather sit in his own feces than be forced into a new diaper.

I had a crappy day. But the more I thought about it, I realized, “Maybe I’m making a big fuss out of nothing.”

Maybe I’m the infant that doesn’t want the diaper change.

I volunteered at the hospital this morning, and then went to an interview where they asked the type of questions that make you feel like you said everything wrong. I was feeling pretty tired and upset and under-appreciated.

But it’s over now. I made it through, however successfully is not the point. Whether things turn out the way I want them to or not, it was a learning experience.

Sometimes you just have to trust that someone else knows better and that there are good things ahead. The things that make me lesser: my anxiety and my insecurities are being taken away and I am presented as a cleaner version of myself. Some things take time, you can’t grow up in a second after all.

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