Setting Yourself Up For Disappointment

I happen to do this a lot. Do you?

I like someone right now. And because I’m the way I am, I tend to stress out about a lot of things. I worry and think, “Does he like me? Does he think I’m boring? Can he tell that I like him? Am I more interested in him than he is in me?” The list of “maybe”s and “what if”s would reach the floor if I wrote them all out.

Right now I’m a little disappointed. I asked him if he was going to an event, and I was looking forward to possibly going with him, but he said he probably won’t go.

But so what?

The rest of my day was good. We hung out and talked for a little over an hour. It was nice just getting to spend time with him.

Just because this other thing didn’t work out doesn’t discount the fact that I got to spend time with him today.

Also, I tend to get jealous very easily. I’m insecure and not sure of myself. He happens to be very popular with certain girls. I get mad because I realize that I’m not the only person who notices him.

But it’s pointless getting upset. I can’t control whether other people like him or not.

I just have to have faith in the fact that we talk a lot, and will hopefully start to hang out more.

Liking someone, and being insecure about it, is tiring.

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