It is so easy, and so harmful, to compare yourself to other people.

I do it all the time. I know everyone else does it too.

In my specific case, I compare myself to other women around my crush. I always think that they are prettier, or more suited for him. I’m insecure about how tall I am compared to him. It doesn’t bother me one bit when I’m around him, I’m still attracted to him. But I see him with other smaller girls and see how cute they look, and I get hit by that feeling that “that’s not how I look with him”.

He has a lot of female friends. It’s easy to feel like I get lost in the wayside. I never know if I’m just another friend to him or if I’m more.

But with all that in mind, I’m hanging out with him tomorrow. That at least makes me feel good.

My therapist always tells me, “look at the facts”.

Regardless of whether he thinks of me as a friend or something more, I do know a couple things:

1) We text each other everyday

2) We make time for each other

I don’t know much else, so I shouldn’t worry my pretty little head about possibilities that are JUST that. Take things as they go.

Very easy to say, and very hard to do.

Readers, how do you handle your insecurities?

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2 Responses to Insecurities

  1. jka88 says:

    Hey, just read this post. I feel the same sometimes, but then I find myself angry because I have a little bit of an insecurity. If they like you, you just know. Stop comparing yourself to people your not. You are never going to change the way you are so accept it chick! Confidence is the key to being happy. Never show a person your insecurities…that gives them the authority to play on that. xo

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