The Once Over

Guys, I know you are checking out ladies all the time.

I mean, I’ve glanced over at a good looking fellow or too. I’ve even looked at some hot chicks. (In those cases though, the thoughts going through my head are: I love her shoes! Or are those REALLY real?)

I understand that there’s an art form to being subtle, and I don’t have it.

But every so often there are moments that just blow you out of the water.

I know I haven’t mentioned Mr. Swing in a long time, so he will make his reappearance in this embarrassing story.

We were in rotation for dance class. I wasn’t facing him, so he was coming up behind me. And I admit, I was looking good that day. I had on some nice jeans, and a tank top and flannel shirt. It was getting hot so I had already taken off the flannel, and both the jeans and tank top were form fitting.

So let’s face it, I looked hot.

But that still doesn’t excuse his behavior.

He comes up from behind me, walks around me, and does the “once-over”.

Like really?

He looked me up and down with no subtlety or class. In his head, he’s probably thinking, “Yeah I like that”.

I know you like that, but THIS here don’t like that no more.


If anything, I should take it as a compliment (I guess). We are friends now, but we know that there’s a mutual attraction between us and that creeps up every once in a while. For example: moments like this!

The only reason we haven’t hooked up yet is because I’m not okay with it.

Readers, what are your experiences with situations like this? Have you ever been caught doing the scandalous “once-over”?

And let me clarify, I don’t have a problem with guys checking me out. But I am partial to WHO is checking me out. Hypocrisy? Probably. But I’m sure you can all agree, if you like the person who is checking you out, you are more likely to enjoy it than not.

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