Talk Nerdy To Me

I have a confession to make: I have a nerd fetish.

To me, nerdy guys are the cutest guys around.

For example: my crush always talks to me about his glasses, math homework, or computer science textbooks. And I think it’s just the coolest thing.

Of course, that might just make me really weird, but who cares!

Everyone has different tastes and preferences, and mine just happens to be the shy guy nerdy type.

The first time I told Mr. Swing that I liked nerdy guys, he flipped out on me. It was something he had never heard before. But I’ve talked to some of my girlfriends and they agree with my preference!

I kind of have difficulty explaining the “nerdy” appeal, but I think it probably has to do with the fact that I’m outgoing and loud. The shy guy is just too cute. Not to mention, if I dated someone as crazy as I am, I think I might go insane.

Readers, do your tastes go against the grain? I want to know!

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2 Responses to Talk Nerdy To Me

  1. Doni says:

    I definitely get the appeal, because I typically crush on the nerdy guys too. haha Although, I like it when they’re outgoing because I’m more introverted.

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